For most women, trying to figure out whether a man is into her can be a tedious and enduring task. Women typically fail miserably at identifying truly if a certain male is into her or not. A well known book “He’s just not that into you” led to a more well known tv talk show hosted by the author, Greg Berendt. Women are encouraged to learn the signs and let go before they get hurt. Of course the struggle continues after a woman gets a man that is into her, which is keeping him into her. More marriages are lost today to other women, substance abuse, crimes, and careers then at any other time. Ironically, there are more self-help books and specialists on relationships now then 50 years ago. With all the Dr. Phil advice, and self help books, one would think that marriages and relationships overall would be improving, but they're not. Is it hopeless? Maybe. But a relationship with God isn't. His promises are kept, His love endures, and He is who he says He is. God is into you, and if you want to get into Him, it will bring peace into your life like nothing else can. The best part about getting into God is that it doesn't require you to get your life together first. HE wants you just as you are. Who on earth really can accept us and all our baggage, and who on earth can we accept with all their baggage?
No one.

1st Session Friday night

He’ll Change . . . Famous Last Words! Embarrassed, humiliated, and betrayed are just a few words to describe Pamela’s loss of her 10 year marriage after a high as a successful business owner, foster mother, author and pageant celebrity representing married women. Pamela shares her life testimony, the pitfalls of marrying unequally yoked and the dangers of having foolish expectations toward God.

Based on Pam's book (seen in image) to be released in 2008:
"He'll Change . . .Famous Last Words. A warning from a woman who's been there."

2nd Session Saturday morning

Let's Talk about Man
Pam uses a talk show format to interact with the audience and to expose the secrets behind individual experiences and the lessons that can be derived from each. No doubt, women have experiences with men that are confusing, relentless, and mind boggling. Pam shares that a man who knows how to fight for the good in his life is worth being a woman worth fighting for.
Model: Shelly Cottrell
Designer: Pam Barkley
Tanks available online or at Pam's Events for $20

3rd Session Saturday night

Let's Talk about God
Pam uses this talk show format to reveal how we recognize that God is into us. But she doesn't stop there. Just like our earthly relationships, if a man is sleeping with another woman, he is just not that into you. So Pam uses the same approach to open the eyes of the audience to see if they are into God. God is into us, but He, like us, wants us to be into Him. Pam challenges her listeners to get into God. Boldly put, you're either into God, or you're not. Women will walk away from this session with a new perspective on their relationship with God.

4th Session Sunday Morning

He’ll Never Change . . . Everlasting Words
A powerful and eye opening message leaving the audience with the hope that never dies. Pamela unveils the personality of Christ and encourages women to build their life around that which does not change and cannot be taken from them. Women of all walks and ages have been faced with disappointment, failure, or loss. This message focuses on God’s grace and blessings in the midst of it all.

Based on Pam's book (seen in image) to be released in 2008
"He'll Change . . . Famous Last Words. A warning from a woman who's been there."

Why a Weekend Treat WORKS!

A weekend treat works because it's different. It's different because it displays the audience, YOUR church family, as the guests. It's different because instead of showcasing one special speaker all weekend, it showcases the mentors within your church family and develops new ones. It's different because women of all walks, will walk away with a clear direction to go in their season of life.
A weekend treat works because it's faith in action. Instead of reflection, there is reality. Instead of quiet time, there is Q&A. Women will actively demonstrate to each other how to put faith into action, and walk away either as a mentor or receiving mentorship.
A weekend treat works because it's an experience, not a show. Women will walk away as a participant of life, no longer a spectator.